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is it possible to remove the built-in bras in both dresses

[ 03/02/2018 ]
  • Hi, Otta

    I'm sorry to reply to you lately due to the weekend.

    And sure, we can remove the built in bra in both dresses.

    Just leave a message of your requirement at checkout, 

    then our tailoring team will see it.

    Hope this can help you.

    Best wishes.

    Anonymous[ 05/02/2018 ]
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What is the color of a particular dress in the picture?
Hello, I am interested in purchasing the SHEATH SCOOP NECK KNEE-LENGTH CHARMEUSE LACE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE DRESS/WEDDING GUEST DRESS. I would like the ivory color that is shown in the picture however I'm not sure which color circle to click on. The dress is ivory however I cannot locate a color selection (color dots) that clearly looks like an ivory color. A couple look more yellow or white and I want to select the correct color. Are you able to help? Thank you! Kristy
[ 20/09/2017 ]
  • Hi Kristy, the shown color of dress 360051 is light champagne. If you would like the shown color, you can please select the first color "as shown". And if you'd like ivory, you can please select the fourth. It is Ivory color :)
    Anonymous[ 20/09/2017 ]
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Is the Hat shown with Outfit 'a690241' for sale
I am considering ordering the following outfit : A-LINE SCOOP NECK KNEE-LENGTH M.O.B. Product Code : a690241 In the Sky Blue colour shown on your website today (9 Sept 2017) My questions are : 1. Is the Hat worn with this same Dress available ? 2. What price is the Hat ? 3. What are the dimensions of the Hat ? 4. What fabrics are used in this Hat ? 5. How long does it take to make & deliver to the U.K. ? Grateful thanks
[ 09/09/2017 ]
  • Hi Sallym, thank you for taking time to shop with us.

    Sorry, all the hats were purchased by the photography studio  and we don't sell hats on our website.

    For the dress, it is made-to-order. Usually it takes 9-12 days to tailor and 3-6 days to ship. We also have rush order service,

    Anonymous[ 10/09/2017 ]
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I am trying to buy a dress but when I click "add to cart nothing happens. What is going on?
[ 21/08/2017 ]
  • Hi Dinah,

    What is the product code you are looking at? I'll take a look for you. You can email me directly at

    Also, a common issue can be either a size or colour isn't selected , that too can hamper the progress after hitting add to cart.

    If you do have colour and size chosen, then don't hesitate to email me he product code of the item and I'll check it personally for you.

    Kind regards


    Joswen Staff[ 21/08/2017 ]
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Color Swatches
How do I obtain color swatches?
[ 15/08/2017 ]
where is your company?
i eant to know you are place in australia or another countries
[ 10/07/2017 ]
  • Hi Hasti, we're an Australian based company. Owned and Operated. Our tailoring studio is located in China for its convenient shipping.

    Anonymous[ 10/07/2017 ]
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What color is the dress a7801651?
Can dress a 430124 to be made in that color?
[ 19/02/2018 ]
  • Yes it can be.
    Anonymous[ 20/02/2018 ]
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Color choice
I ordered color choices for fg760083. We selected dusty rose, however, I am unable to change the color from pearl pink. Can you help me/
[ 19/02/2018 ]
  • Hi, Abby

    You can please leave a message of the color you want at checkout (in the box).

    Then we will make the color for you.

    Hope this can help you.

    Best wishes.

    Anonymous[ 19/02/2018 ]
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Will my dress be XL moderate Fit?
My name is Monica Haye. I ordered a dress but did not understand how to add the size measurement. I am XL with a moderate fit. I hope the dress will be that size.
[ 16/02/2018 ]
  • Hi,Monica

    For the daily wear dress, you just need to select size option.

    And there is no option for you to add the measurements.

    You can reach us directly at if you have question about the size.

    Hope this can help you.

    Best wishes.

    Anonymous[ 17/02/2018 ]
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What is the color shown in the picture for a430078?
[ 07/02/2018 ]

  • Hi,Pam

    The shown colour of the dress a430078 is silver.

    If you like the colour shown in the pictures, you can please select"As Shown" option,

    then we will make the same colour for you.

    Hope this can help you.

    Best wishes.

    Anonymous[ 08/02/2018 ]
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longer sleeves
hi can i have this dress with longer sleeves
[ 21/01/2018 ]
  • Hi, Dina

    No problem at all. we can make the dress a3001231 with longer sleeves for you if you like.

    Just leave a message of the sleeve length you want at checkout,

    then our tailoring team will see it.

    Hope this can help you.

    Best wishes.

    Anonymous[ 21/01/2018 ]
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Colour query
The dress I would like to choose appears to be available in 4 colours. Is the second colour on the chart Ivory? The dress is a690093 A line tea length tulle halter neck. Thank you
[ 12/01/2018 ]
  • Hi, Michele

    Yes, the second colour is ivory. If you want to make the dress in ivory.

    You can please select the second colour option. Then we will make it in ivory for you.

    Hope this can help you.

    Best wishes.


    Anonymous[ 15/01/2018 ]
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I thought I ordered my veil with my dress. The item no is v380066. Did I or didn't I?
[ 20/11/2017 ]
  • Hi, Roalyn

    I'm sorry to reply to you lately due to the weekend.

    Yes, you ordered the veil with your dress.

    And I have checked the parcel for you, it shows the Fedex attempted to deliver the parcel yesterday, but it seems you were not at home.

    Can you please contact the Fedex on 1-800-463-3339 and your tracking number is 770718449844.

    Best wishes.
    Anonymous[ 21/11/2017 ]
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Is it possible to purchase a swatch for a particular wedding dress to ensure the color and fabric is exactly what I want?
[ 10/11/2017 ]
  • Hi Angela

    Absolutely you can.

    Here is a link for the swatch, you can also put into the notes "Special Requirements" when you order it what dress model code you want and the color to ensure you are getting precisely what you need

    Contact us directly also for any help.

    email : -

    Kind regards


    Joswen Staff[ 11/11/2017 ]
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How big is size M?
[ 29/10/2017 ]
  • Hi, Jacinta
    Size M is only for daily wear category.Here is our daily wear size chart for you to refer.It also depends on if the item is slim fit, regular fit or comfortable fit.
    If you don't know which size would fit, just contact us and send your measurements, we can help you to make a decision.
    Best wishes
    Anonymous[ 30/10/2017 ]
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Tracking of Order
Hi There, Is there a way of tracking an order? When and how will you notify me when the order is on its way? Thanking you in advance for your reply. Regards, Annelie
[ 25/09/2017 ]
  • Hi Annelie, we will send you an email with tracking number once your order is shipped out.
    Anonymous[ 26/09/2017 ]
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Shipping and fees
Hello! I am wondering how much shipping is to the US. Also, are there any other fees or overseas charges or any additional costs related to mailing internationally or otherwise? Thank you!
[ 12/05/2017 ]
  • Good Question.

    Shipping costs will Vary depending on Weight, but start at around $16.99. The average cost we see is generally $21 depending on the dress weight and the number of products of course

    All the products you buy online with us are exempt of tax

    Coming into the United States and other countries, there is generally a $700-$1000 ceiling before they charge you any additional income taxes, so you are safe there generally.

    Governments regular do change rules but currently there is no additional charges that customers are being met with withing the accepted import costs. That has been for the past 12 months easily.

    It is best to contact your customs office first to make sure, however our customers purchasing under this limit have not been required to pay anything additional.  

    In Australia also for example. anything under $1000 AUD is free of any charge, keep in mind every country is different and places like Europe charge a flat 30% at times regardless

    Hope this helps

    Joswen Staff[ 12/05/2017 ]
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Can I be assured dress will look exactly as pictured and worksmanship is not sub-standard?
Dress style a3001791 (dark navy) is at the top of the list for my maid of honor role. I do understand that, absent an actual color swatch, the dress color may be a bit different. With color I'm choosing and role I'm playing this is not an issue. What I want to confirm regarding this dress is: (1) Dress style will look exactly as pictured, (2) Material is the stretchy lace material, not stiff, (3) The lace is what is commonly described as "illuminated", "metallic" or "embellished" and (4)The quality of work is not sub-standard. The picture looks like dress is embellished with something shimmery so this is what I'm looking for. The main reason for my concern is because my daughter just received a dress (trial run for her bridesmaid dresses) from another vendor with everything wrong - style, color, material and poorly made. A totally different dress was sent and now having issues trying to return. I look forward to your response. Thanks!
[ 10/08/2017 ]
  • Totally understandable and sorry to hear about your daughters experience with another store, it is never good when it happens and gives a bad vibe for all internet stores. 

    Apart from the color as you've mentioned, what you see is what we will make. In saying that also, we always contact customers when it comes to the lace designs. EACH dress is unique, so as you see the pattern on the image, the lacework maybe cut on a different angle or design as the dresses are made. The material, colors etc themselves of course do remain the same.

    To explain that better, if you had a pattern with stars and circles, depending on the size and or the length of the dress etc, the pattern would appear different if held next to another dress of the same design. The actual pattern work may look a few inches off here and there but that would be to do with the roll of fabric, a size 10 vs a 16 for example would have the overlay in a different position. Other than this, you'll get exactly the same style, material and the quality is extremely good.. People would assume you've paid 3 times what you paid for the gorgeous dress you'll end up with.

    For Lace being hard, we don't use the cheaper material, so it is a softer feel and after a gentle wash would feel like heaven. to touch.

    If you have any special requests or requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.  You can reach us anytime at 

    We'd be happy to answer any and all questions.

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards


    Joswen Staff[ 09/10/2017 ]
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If the built in bra is left out of a430073 can you see through the back?
If the built in bra is left out can I wear a bra without it showing through the back of the dress? a430073.
[ 07/08/2017 ]
  • If you wear strapless bra or bra with clear straps, it won't be seen through the back.

    Or if the straps are the same or similar color with the dress, it also doesn't matter.

    Anonymous[ 08/08/2017 ]
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can we pay it when our outfit recieved?
[ 10/07/2017 ]
  • Hi Hasti,

    Unfortunately like most international online businesses we don't offer payment on delivery service. All special occasion dresses are tailored to order so up front payment is required. We recommend to use secure paypal payment option for buyers protection.

    Kind Regards,

    Mary from Joswen Service Team

    Anonymous[ 10/07/2017 ]
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Where can I get the hats??
[ 16/05/2017 ]
  • Hey Barbara.

    If i had a penny for each time that question came up.

    The hats are from the photo studio, we don't carry hats in stock at the moment but within the next couple of months we will be.

    So sorry I can't help you out now with them. I have tried to ask the studio where they got them from, but of course, the employee who bought their props

    and extra stage stuff has left, so nobody currently has a location on where to get those ones :(

    Kind regards


    Joswen Staff[ 17/05/2017 ]
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