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There are two designs that I like, is it possible to combine features of each to make one dress?
I have two dresses that I like. I like the bottom of one and the top of the other. Is it possible to combine these?
[ 23/05/2017 ]
  • Yes you can. It's better to talk us on live chat or email us the designs you are looking at so we can tell you how to place your order. 

    Anonymous[ 23/05/2017 ]
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Shipping and fees
Hello!I am wondering how much shipping is to the US. Also, are there any other fees or overseas charges or any additional costs related to mailing internationally or otherwise?Thank you!
[ 12/05/2017 ]
  • Good Question.

    Shipping costs will Vary depending on Weight, but start at around $16.99. The average cost we see is generally $21 depending on the dress weight and the number of products of course

    All the products you buy online with us are exempt of tax

    Coming into the United States and other countries, there is generally a $700-$1000 ceiling before they charge you any additional income taxes, so you are safe there generally.

    Governments regular do change rules but currently there is no additional charges that customers are being met with withing the accepted import costs. That has been for the past 12 months easily.

    It is best to contact your customs office first to make sure, however our customers purchasing under this limit have not been required to pay anything additional.  

    In Australia also for example. anything under $1000 AUD is free of any charge, keep in mind every country is different and places like Europe charge a flat 30% at times regardless

    Hope this helps

    Joswen Staff[ 12/05/2017 ]
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Does Joswen have a favorites list?
[ 11/07/2017 ]
  • Hi Mary. If by favourite list you mean wish list, yep, we do, on every product next to the add to cart option, there is an "add to wish list" and you can access your wishlist by logging into your account. 
    Anonymous[ 12/07/2017 ]
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where is your company?
i eant to know you are place in australia or another countries
[ 10/07/2017 ]
  • Hi Hasti, we're an Australian based company. Owned and Operated. Our tailoring studio is located in China for its convenient shipping.

    Anonymous[ 10/07/2017 ]
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can we pay it when our outfit recieved?
[ 10/07/2017 ]
  • Hi Hasti,

    Unfortunately like most international online businesses we don't offer payment on delivery service. All special occasion dresses are tailored to order so up front payment is required. We recommend to use secure paypal payment option for buyers protection.

    Kind Regards,

    Mary from Joswen Service Team

    Anonymous[ 10/07/2017 ]
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Where can I get the hats??
[ 16/05/2017 ]
  • Hey Barbara.

    If i had a penny for each time that question came up.

    The hats are from the photo studio, we don't carry hats in stock at the moment but within the next couple of months we will be.

    So sorry I can't help you out now with them. I have tried to ask the studio where they got them from, but of course, the employee who bought their props

    and extra stage stuff has left, so nobody currently has a location on where to get those ones :(

    Kind regards


    Joswen Staff[ 17/05/2017 ]
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Can I adjust the length of long dress to become knee length?
I saw this one i really like. can you it made shorter if I required?Please let me know, I need the dress by end of May.ThanksSimone
[ 07/05/2017 ]
  • Hey Simone.

    Yep, we totally can do that for you.

    Just let us know what dress exactly you are looking at, but we will be able to do it to most any design. Doesn't work so well on a Mermaid tho, just a heads up. 

    You can get us on

    Joswen Service Team


    Joswen Staff[ 07/05/2017 ]
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Hello, I am thinking about ordering a lace short sleeve jacket and need it for travel lst of July. Is that possible
[ 19/05/2017 ]
  • Hi Ann,

    No problem. You will receive it  in 3 weeks after placing the order. 

    Mary from Joswen Service Team

    Anonymous[ 19/05/2017 ]
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Shipping Times?
I need a dress for a wedding on the 15th of May.If I order today for example (29th of April, Will it arrive in time for my event? Please let me know asap.
[ 29/04/2017 ]
  • Hey Linda.NO problem at all and welcome to the new Q+A Forum,It will take around 7 days to get the dress made 3 days to be delivered to you. 10 days total. I saw your order come in just now with the comments for time concerns and it's been noted for you and we've sent an email too. It's all under control and we have you covered. Just email us at if you need anything ok?Kind regardsRach
    Joswen[ 29/04/2017 ]
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