Matching your wedding dress to your venue


Should you be matching your wedding dress to your venue? Absolutely! Today, we're sharing some insight into what dress styles you should be looking into.


Have you decided where you're going to get married yet? Perhaps you've always dreamt of a breezy beach bash with the sun setting behind you as the 'I do's' are said. Of course, if you've been thinking about the venue, you've undoubtedly been thinking about the dress as well! When you were a little girl you saw a storefront display featuring a beautiful ball-gown with a tulle train that would float magically behind you and you haven't been able to get it out of your mind since. 

However, if you've had your heart set on an beachside wedding, that full skirt and lengthy train might be more cumbersome than magical on the beach. The hem would capture and traipse sand across the dance floor for the rest of the night!


That said, we can help you match your dress to your venue so you don't run into this problem!


Venue: The beach

Dress: A-line Sweetheart Court Train Tulle

The beach is all about comfort. You want light material that will playfully catch in the soft breeze, and that won't make you sweat under the sun. For this venue, you want your dress to be as simple as possible. Our dress selection here features a tulle skirt - ideal for the casual look you'd want on the beach.

Venue: The garden/outdoors


Dress: Sheath Halter Neck Sweep Train Lace

When you're planning on getting married outside, you want to think: Boho chic. These are unique dresses that have a earthy vibe to them as you're connecting to nature. We've selected a perfectly playful lace gown that will be most flattering in the foliage!

Venue:The church



Dress: A-line V-neck Sweep Train Tulle with Applique

A religious ceremony doesn't mean that you should lose all creativity, but the venue should still be respected with a more modest fashion. Our style here has a playful lace bodice and long sleeves that feature floral designs that match the skirt. It's customizable so you can go with a traditional ivory color if you choose.


Venue: The ballroom

Dress: Ball Gown Scalloped Cathedral Train Satin with Pleats

The ballroom gives you, and your dress, room to move and so that means the bigger the better! You want to be able to float around this venue, with a fancy skirt that will make you feel (and look) like a princess. Our dress option here is fit for royalty!


Joswen Dresses has all these styles and more, so you can be sure you'll find a dress that is venue appropriate! We allow you to customize your dress so you can be sure it's one-of-a-kind, just like your wedding!