Do you want to turn heads at the next big party you're attending?

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Do you want to turn heads at the next big party you're attending? Of course you do! Everyone's dreamt of making that show-stopping grand entrance at the top of the stairs - you know, the one where everyone pauses mid-sip and mid-conversation to turn and look at you. 

This dream is totally made possible, but only if you have the perfect dress. 

Today, we'll help you select the most perfect dress that flatters both your body size and shape based on these four body categories:


Triangle: fuller on the top 

You're going to be shopping for structured dress styles - none of those shapeless or oversized styles for you! To find a balanced outfit, you'll want to look for a dress that accentuates the lower half of your body, keeping the upper portion relatively simple.  A dress with wide straps or a full skirt will accomplish this!

What styles look best on your body?

What styles look best on your body?





Circular: fuller around the middle 

If you are bigger around the center of your body, you'll want to avoid detailing around your midsection like belts, sashes or dresses that chinch around the waist. Instead, opt for a loose fitting dresses that highlight other features. A shift dress or even an empire waisted dress paired with some flirty heels are going to be a great look for you!


Hourglass: fuller around top and middle

You have a tiny waist, so you're going to want to emphasize it, right? It's best to avoid oversized styles as you'll lose your figure in them. Hourglasses can get away with showing off a little bit of midsection, perhaps even a two-piece combo! If you're attending a more elegant affair, something like a wrap dress will suit you well.


Rectangular: straight  

A peplum dress has the perfect amount of lush flair.

Consider a dress that has a little bit of shape and movement to it. Styles like a peplum dress has the perfect amount of lush flair. And, because you likely have longer legs, you can also get away with wearing shorter hems to show them off.

Don't forget: Customization is key 

Of course, here at Joswen Dresses, you can always customize your own party dress. Not only is this the easiest way to find a dress that flatters your body and style, it's the best way to ensure you don't have that awkward moment of wearing the same outfit as someone else.


Armed with this style guide, you can now browse through all of our special occasion dress options and find the best option to turn heads at your next party.


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