Here is our Guide to getting it right.



We interviewed one of our experienced tailors and asked them this:


“We want our ladies to put on their dresses for the first time and it fit the way it should”


Our tailor smiled, told us to sit down, take out a pen and write down what she tells us.

See the conversation below to see what she said.



Q: Is it best to take measurements whilst naked or perhaps in a light dress or sweatpants?

A: No, its better to measure yourself in the bra and underwear you'd most likely wear with the dress. If your dress has a built in bra, then bra off when measuring.


Q: Bra on or bra off for the bust measurement?

A: Definitely out of your bra, most wedding dresses come with built in bras. If the dress you are buying does not, then best to measure with a bra on, and even better, the bra you will most likely wear with the dress.


Q: Can I measure myself? Or should I get a friend to help me out?

A: Using a friend or family member to help out is definitely preferred over measuring alone. If you don’t have anyone to help out, measure yourself in front of a full-length mirror. If you are doing it alone, measure the same area from different angles in front of the mirror to make sure you are getting it right. Compare and make sure there are no variations in your measurements. If you are too far out outside of acceptable tolerances with your measurements the dress won’t fit, as it should. Triple Check!!!


Q: What kind of mistake do people normally make when measuring?

A: Commonly, people mistakenly measure their high hip rather than their hip at their fullest point. Another one is to give us their bra size as the bust measurement. Remember, BUST goes all the way around your back ladies and across the fullest part of your breasts.


Q: Any specific time to measure myself? Morning or night?

A: Doesn’t really matter. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think your body will change that drastically between the morning and evening. Unless of course it’s a buffet you are attending and you plan on pigging out. (That was a joke) Any time of the day is ok.


Q: Should we be measuring ourselves all puffed up, shoulders back, standing tall and chest pushed out? Should we slouch a let our shoulders drop a bit or just how we would normally stand?

A: Standing up straight, tall, and with your feet together is the most desirable position. The only measurement that can move is the waistline. It's extremely important that you breathe normally while measuring your waist, do not hold your breath or suck your stomach in. Tailored-style dresses are fitted in the bodice and waist, if you hold your breath or suck in your tummy during the measurements, the waistband could be too snug. The nature of a custom-made dress is that it is designed to be fitted to your natural figure and still be an absolute delight to wear.


Q: So making myself sound better on paper won’t make me look better then?

A: No, don’t do that, we need your real measurements. If you “cheat”, the dress will be too tight and most likely in all the wrong places. If parts of the dress are too tight the dress will actually look flawed and wrong for your body. We’ve taken this into consideration for you already and our experience in perfecting your dress will have you looking a million dollars, just be honest with your measurements.





We are very grateful for the time our tailor took out of her busy day to sit down with us and answer some of those body measurement myths.

We have put together some simple to follow Youtube videos that you can watch to provide further help. Remember, if you aren’t sure or need help, contact us.


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