On your big day, it’s natural to want to be surrounded by friends and loved ones. For many couples that means including dogs in their weddings. A dog plays an important role in a couple’s life and for many pet parents, family festivities would not be complete without their dog’s involvement.

If you want your furry friends to be involved in your wedding celebrations and are wondering how to get them involved, here are some tips on getting your dog to play a part in your wedding


1. Walk you down the aisle

If you really want your puppy to play an important role in your wedding, why not let them walk you down the aisle, and then sit alongside for the ceremony. It may be better to keep him/her on a leash, then decorate the leash to fit your wedding theme.

2. Flower Dog 

She can carry a basket of flowers in her mouth, as the flower girl spreads the petals. Be sure you use edible flower petals if you do this trick, just in case your dog ingests one or two. The little (human) flower girl can still sprinkle them as they walk down the aisle to a chorus of “awwww.”

3. Ring Bearer

Having your dog as a ring bearer is a good choice! Naturally, your dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs or pockets, but you can tie the rings to his collar with a ribbon or find a custom-made ring holder.

 4. In the photographs

Dogs in weddings should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party. Shop for fancy collars for your puppy (maybe even a pup tux) and get them dressed up for your wedding photographs. When your fur ball is clean and well-groomed, not only will she look amazing in the photographs but you also won’t have to get worked up about fur getting caught in your wedding gown. Your dog can feature in fun ways that make a life-long impression. 

Whether he/she is the ring bearer or flower dog or something else, start preparing early for the tasks she is going to do during the ceremony. It takes a lot of practice for your dog to master the commands sit, stay, and roll over, and performing her ceremonial duties will be no different. Have as many dress rehearsals as possible to get your pooch comfortable with both their ceremonial garb and job.

If you are planning to include your dog in your wedding, make sure that you tell the bridesmaids or groomsmen of your intentions before the day.

Some people are allergic to dogs or afraid of them, and before you submit them to close-contact canine interaction, you need to give them a warning.

One more thing! If any of your guests are bringing their pets to the ceremony as well, you must ensure that they are not aggressive and won’t make a mess of any part of the day. Their pets should go along with yours so there’s no fighting behind the scenes when you’re walking down the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress.

Including your dog in your wedding has its risks, but with the right kind of planning and a flexible attitude, it’ll be a great day you, your guests, and your dog won’t forget.