Mothers of the bride rejoice!

You no longer need to follow the same boring rules when selecting a dress for your daughter's wedding. Here's our guide. 

Classy, elegant, beautiful. So many words are synonymous with the mother of the bride on her daughter's wedding day, and 'boring' should never be one of them.

Traditionally, mother of the bride dresses were highly conservative and old fashioned. That couldn't be further from the truth today, especially when fashionable moms can select a unique piece from Joswen Dresses' diverse range of traditional and modern looks.

A daughter's wedding is something that moms look forward to from the day they were born. Follow these basic guidelines to make sure you look perfect on your little girl's big day.

Look for different inspiration in choosing a color

A good rule for mothers of the bride (MOB), bridesmaids and wedding guests alike is to avoid white, cream and champagne colored dresses. For obvious reasons, these shades are almost always reserved for the bride.

If there is an all-white theme, or if the bride has explicitly asked the bridal party to wear the otherwise reserved hue, this dazzling white gown will stun. MOBs can look amazing in white, so long as the dress has certain details that distinguish it from a traditional wedding dress.

In the past, moms were instructed to choose a dress that would match the bridal party's ensemble. Modern mothers are under no obligation to follow this rule, but still might want to look to the bridal party - as well as other factors including the wedding theme and venue - for color inspiration.

Let the venue and theme of a wedding inspire your mother of the bride ensemble.Let the venue and theme of a wedding inspire your mother of the bride ensemble.

If, for example, the wedding is in an ornate Catholic church with warm stained glass windows, the MOB will want to choose a dress in rich jewel tones rather than beachy pastels. Fortunately, Joswen Dresses has a color palette to suit any woman and wedding.


Aim for a sophisticated, mature look

Although modern MOBs have more flexibility in what they wear than ever before, they should still aim for a look that is sophisticated and mature.There are plenty of ways to look chic and fashionable without being perceived as 'dressing too young'.


Consider a sleek off the shoulder dress like this one that lets you show off just enough for the occasion. 


Many MOBs opt for dresses with accompanying jackets, and Joswen Dresses has many stunning ensembles to choose from. Want to pair your dress with a stylish wrap instead? We've got you covered.


When in doubt, always ask the bride

The best resource in choosing a MOB dress that is right for you and the occasion is the bride herself. Some women are incredibly sensitive about certain colors, materials and styles. You don't want to put a damper on your daughter's day by inadvertently choosing a dress she won't like!


Your daughter might also want you to match with her bridal party or with the groom's mother.


Need inspiration? Grab the bride-to-be and have a look at some of the gorgeous choices from Joswen Dresses' online store. 

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When selecting your mother of the bride dress, your daughter's vision for the big day is of the utmost importance.