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27 Sep Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring
Joswen-Blogger 0 12905
Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring What’s the Difference?   Proposing and getting married? Not quite sure what the deal with the rings is?      ..
28 Sep How to include your pup into your wedding
Joswen-Blogger 0 12068
On your big day, it’s natural to want to be surrounded by friends and loved ones. For many couples that means including dogs in their weddings. A dog ..
09 May Ultimate guide on how to get a Customized Wedding Dress
Joswen-Blogger 1 1869
You're planning your dream wedding - congrats!   Yet, soon after you start hunting for that perfect Cinderella gown, you'll realize how handy a mone..
29 May Hows it so cheap?!?!
Joswen-Blogger 1 1475
HOW CAN YOU GET THE PRICES SO LOW??    This is the main question we get asked. So....  to explain in the simplest way possible, with no tech talk, ..
25 Apr Don't know what to wear to your next wedding?
Joswen-Blogger 1 1265
Don't know what to wear to your next wedding?       From white tie to festive, our style guide decodes the complex range of wedding dress code..
21 Sep DIY Wedding Wedding Bouquet
Joswen-Blogger 0 995
How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet (Start to Finish) Many of us think that making Wedding Bouquets are for the professionals and are hard work. It is ..
05 May Mothers of the bride rejoice!
Joswen-Blogger 3 926
  ​ Mothers of the bride rejoice! You no longer need to follow the same boring rules when selecting a dress for your daughter..
08 Aug How To Measure yourself Correctly
Joswen-Blogger 1 913
  Here is our Guide to getting it right.     We interviewed one of our experienced tailors and asked them this:   “We want our ladies to put o..
19 May 4 dresses that won't upstage the bride but look great on you!
Joswen-Blogger 0 886
4 dresses that won't upstage the bride (but look great on you!)   You want to look good - just not better than the bride. This is the plight every w..
16 Jun Should you? Absolutely YES!
Joswen-Blogger 0 846
Matching your wedding dress to your venue   Should you be matching your wedding dress to your venue? Absolutely! Tod..
25 Apr Have you ever wanted to be the designer of your own wardrobe?
Joswen-Blogger 0 802
Be the Designer - Make it your way!   We don't know about you, but there's something about the word 'customize' that instantly ma..
01 Jun Capture your wedding dress in its best light
Joswen-Blogger 0 627
It's your wedding day and as such you want to make sure your photo shoot is going to go off without a hitch. Our tips will help make the day go smooth..
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